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    If Yes, has a CAPF31 been completed for each cadet with signatures of Unit CC, Group CC and Wing CC? 

                Region CC (if out of region)?

    What is the location of the activity?

Will this activity include a High Adventure Activity (Y/N)?

    If Yes has the CAPF 54 CAP High Adventure Activity Request been completed and approved by the NYW CC?

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  Any activity that is out of New York Wing requires a CAPF 31 completed for each cadet and the form must be signed by the Squadron CC, Group CC and NYW CC (Region CC is required is the activity is outside of NER).
  CAPP52-10 requires that there must be at least 2 seniors for each event. If the event is over night, and there are female and male cadets, there must be a male and female senior member present during the night.




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